Jade Optical Boutique, Inc.

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305-233-000812091 SW 152 Streetmiami, FL 33177

The optician has no feelings for the people she serves. and worse, she's cold and unfeeling. she has no clue, that the people who remove their glasses, can not see anything without them? Hello, why would we go to her for new glasses if we could see without them?


Andrea Menedez picked the wrong profession, IMO.

She had a fit because I would not tell her my real age. She refused to carry on without knowing my age even tho I told her I was having trouble remembering the exact year i was born, altho i'm over fifty.

I already wear glasses and all she had to do with put the drops in my eyes and test me for glaucoma.

I ended up leaving without the test.

She hates old people. She couldn't stand me from the moment i left the DOB record blank.

she gave me some *** about having to know the year i was born, because then she would know what diseases to look for, even tho we finished the exam already, i had the new prescription and i was only waiting for her to put the drops in and test me for glaucoma.

what a control freak. i ended up asking for a refund because i left without the glaucoma test, i was so intimadated by her.

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